— Technical —

The CYF4 BlockChain will consist of up to five nodes; one admin node and up to four end-user nodes. The first client to install the first copy for the group is the Admin.  The Admin then shares the account with up to four end-users by calling an API of the Enveloc app.  The consensus algorithm will require up to 51% of the nodes to confirm the validity of a document.

“The Admin Node will also have the ability to add users to “view” the documents in the cloud, but they will not have the ability to vote, add, delete or modify documents.”

The admin node will keep track of the voting for each document. This record will be available for review in order to confirm validity of a documents inclusion into the CYF4 BlockChain.

The admin and end-user nodes will all have the latest version of the CYF4 BlockChain hash code. The only requirement for each node will be to maintain a copy of the CYF4 BlockChain code. Nodes do not need to store any document(s) locally.  Through an app created by Enveloc, the CYF4 BlockChain code will point to a documents in the cloud. The Enveloc application was designed specifically for this product.  Each of its functions is available through an API routine or can be operated through a GUI.

The admin node obtains its credentials by applying for an account on Enveloc’s web site, which creates the account and forwards credentials to the User, partly by email and partly though SMS text messaging to create an effect similar to two-factor authentication.

A document in the cloud can be modified or deleted through any of the nodes. A modification or deletion would also have to be confirmed by the consensus algorithm. Once an agreement has been reached by consensus, the original document will be deleted from the cloud. The CYF4 BlockChain hash code on the nodes however will not be altered whatsoever; the CYF4 BlockChain will point to a blank “null” value in the cloud where the original document now no longer exists.  A new block will be added to the CYF4 Blockchain code documenting the modification or deletion of the original document.  If a document is modified, the new block in the CYF4 Blockchain instead will point to the modified document that exists in cloud storage.

A list of documents that have been loaded into the cloud can be viewed and sorted by the CYF4 “Viewer.” The Viewer will be able to sort documents or files in the cloud by date, type of file, end date for the file (if it is an agreement with a termination date), or by whatever criteria entered by the admin node.

Install Process

Download Admin Node

    •         Admin user enters IP address for the Admin Node
    •         Admin user enters data for the CYF4 BlockChain Zero Document
    •         CYF4Chain blockchain hash code is created based on info supplied during the install process.
    •         Data from Zero Document is stored on the CYF4Chain Zero Document Admin File held by CYF4chain.com

Admin user selects up to 4 end-user nodes

    •         End user nodes down load CYF4 onto their system

Admin selects up to 5 “viewer” nodes (New idea to discuss; should be simple to program)

    •         Viewer Users download view program onto their system